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Is history reopening wounds for the Armenians?

A third massacre in the Armenian town of Kesab, the cradle of Armenian civilization and the home to 600 families of descendants of the victims of the 1915 genocide, has reopened old wounds and driven the Armenians to ask for help internationally to prevent another Turkish initiative of repression. 

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"And if Kagame told the truth?"

Weekly magazine Le Point features the full story of the controversy between Kigali and Paris about the responsibility of France in the Rwanda genocide. 

Persecutions > Jewish Genocide

Proof of extermination camps found at Treblinka.

Thanks to the work of a team of British archaeologists of Steffordshire University, led by Caroline Studry Colls,  the first proof of extermination at Treblinka has been found.

Persecutions > Persecution prevention

"We must redouble our efforts"

Thanking the MISCA peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic on 9 April, US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power encouraged the Organization to authorize and eventually launch its own mission. In the hope it won't fail like in past genocide cases.

Righteous > Civil Courage

Pierantonio Costa

Attached to Africa since his very adolescence, enterpreneur with a flourishing activity in Rwanda, diplomatic representative of Italy, during the hundred days of genocidal madness which in 1994 led to the extermination of the Tutsies by the hand of the Hutu ethnic group, devoted the whole of his energy to rescuing from massacre as many people as he could, and children in particular.

Righteous > Civil Courage

Jacqueline Mukansonera

“Are you the one they are looking for? My name is Emmanuelle, you looked after me when all the doctors thought I was mad. I will hide you.” With these words Yolande Mukagasana, a Tutsi nurse who escaped the genocide, introduces her rescuer in her book “Death does not want me”. In real life, Emmanuelle is Jacqueline Mukansonera, a young ethnic Hutu, who had come to Yolande’s surgery in Kigali’s Nyamirambo district for treatment. 

Persecutions > Rwandan Genocide

"Without hate or vengeance"

Alain and Dafroza Gauthier are two "genocide hunters" who have dedicated more than 13 years to track down and bring perpetrators of the 1994 Rwanda genocide to justice. 

the analysis

What it takes to be a Righteous

editorial by Claire Ly, Righteous and witness to the Cambodian Genocide, 16 April 2014

On the 39th anniversary of genocide in Cambodia, we publish in the original language the remarks Claire Ly held at the meeting "The Righteous of Humanity" held on 3 March at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. 

Le Cambodge, mon pays d’origine est marqué par le massacre de masse infligé par les Khmers rouges. Cette  tragédie a un coût humain élevé : entre 1975 et 1979 le Cambodge a compté près de deux millions de morts pour une population de 7 millions, soit un quart de sa population. Parmi ces gens exécutés sommairement, sans procès, sans formalité, se trouvaient mon père, mon mari, mes deux frères

Cambodian genocide 1975-2014

The video

"First time feature director Roland Joffe shoots the drama with an unforced realism, with Chris Menges keeping the camera panning and tracking the characters through almost every scene. It's a remarkably effective stylistic choice, keeping the camera centered on Dith and Schanberg and the other journalists while embracing the vivid reality of their surroundings".

Righteous for Cambodia

Dith Pran

Journalist, reporter and human rights activist 

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Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli

Architect of Inter-religious Dialogue