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Life after Europe

The joint editors of Europe – the very idea introduce the next stage of their project – a discussion inspired by the Czech philosopher and political dissident Jan Patočka. An invitation to discussion. By Darian Meacham and Francesco Tava

Righteous > Resistance against the Mafia

Etats Généraux against the Mafia

You can defeat the Mafia only by creating synergies and spreading the culture of "Righteous legality" in the younger generations. This is the basis of father Luigi Ciotti's initiative Contromafie, whose third edition will take place in Rome from 23 to 26 October.

Persecutions > Jewish Genocide

Who's on trial, Eichmann or Arendt?

The book Eichmann Before Jerusalem (Ed. Alfred A. Knopf) by Bettina Stangneth appears to challenge Arendt's thesis of the "banality of evil", but this should not lead to deny the value of Arendt's challenge to Western thought. 

Persecutions > Fundamentalism and Terrorism

Terrorism and the press

The Independent and Il Fatto Quotidiano have decided to limit the news about ISIS to the objective necessity. They will inform readers about hostages, but no room will be given either to shocking images or to proclamations or emotional reactions which would only serve the purpose to enhance the terrorists' visibility.

Culture > Arts

An Arab-Jewish museum in Sakhnin, Galilee

The museum will present items of Palestinian Arab heritage and contemporary art works. Created by the Romanian artist Belu-Simion Fainaru and the Israeli designer Avital Bar-Shay with the municipality and the Arab Museum of Contemporary Art, it will promote the dialogue  between Arab and Jewish artists.

The conference

the analysis

For the sake of genocide prevention

editorial by Gabriele Nissim, Chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous; translated by Carolina Figini, 27 November 2014

The speech held by Yehuda Bauer at the conference that has been recently organized in Ra'anana, in Israel, to mark the twentieth anniversary of genocide in Rwanda is indeed magnificent. The great professor put a key issue to our attention: Holocaust remembrance must become a historical and moral reference point for the prevention of all genocide cases.

For how right we can be to stress that the Holocaust has been the most extreme case of genocide, because it occurred at the core of our “civilized” society and was carried out on an industrial basis with the goal to annihilate Jews all over the world – Bauer explained –, we turn out to be wrong if we try to point out the uniqueness of the Holocaust (rather than its nature as an unprecedented phenomenon), because by doing so we fail to acknowledge that genocide is part of the history of humanity and can thus be repeated, maybe following new patterns.

Golden Ambrogino 2014

Golden Ambrogino bestowed on Gabriele Nissim

Gabriele Nissim, chairman of Gariwo, the forest of the Righteous, is among the personalities whom Milan City Hall decided to award with the Golden Ambrogino, the civic merit dedicated to the town's Holy Patron.

The Commitment to Education

"Through the stories of the Righteous, young people learn to think for themselves following their consciences. They learn to judge based not on stereotypes, but based on what they see and hear."

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