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Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Iraq, the birth of the fanatical caliphate

The new state occupies a large part of northern Syria and northern and eastern pieces of Iraq. They have carried out crucifixions, beheadings, live video, kidnappings and all sorts of crime to reduce the inhabitants into submission. "Reject democracy and return to Islam," proclaimed spokesman of the Caliphate, al-Adnani, to terrified civilians.

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The value of a Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw

The speech by Zbigniew Gluza, chairman of the Committee for the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw, about the opening of the first Garden of the Righteous in Poland, on 5 June 2014. 

Persecutions > Totalitarianism

25 years ago, Tiananmen Square

Hong Kong will be entrusted with remembering the bloodshed of 4 June 1989, as Beijing authorities are trying to crush dissent by controlling communications, cracking down on activists and their families and censoring memory altogether. 

Persecutions > Totalitarianism

"It's the people's blood!"

Gen. Xu Qinjian and Col. Wang Dong defied the Chinese Communist Party when it came to shooting at civilians on 4 June 1989 in Tiananmen Square. The General said: "I'd rather be hung than be judged a criminal before history" and the latter signed a petition against martial law. 

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Tiananmen activists listed as “most wanted"

Over 500 dissidents including many students would have been helped expatriate, often after serving years in jail after 4 June 1989, by the Hong Kong Alliance for Tiananmen Students

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

Punished for their freedom and nature

From second world war on, women have been persecuted worldwide both because of their religious or political belonging and for their own gender identity. This article features stories of women who suffered from and struggled against evil. 

Persecutions > Totalitarianism

Politkovskaya, two life-in-jail demanded

The journalist in whose name a tree was planted in the Garden of the Righteous of Milan was killed in 2006 at the entrance of her home for reporting the crimes committed by the Russians in Chechnya. The masterminds of the murder have remained unknown. On next 5 June a tree for the journalist will be planted on the historic inauguration of the Warsaw Garden of the Righteous.

Persecutions > Human rights and crimes against humanity

The identity of the Jewish state

What are Israel's reactions to the recognition of the Holocaust made by Abu Mazen? How do the Israeli intellectuals deal with Holocaust memory, and the awareness of the nakba? Recent debate involves figures such as Saul Friedlander, of whom we present an article here, Avraham Burg and Yair Auron. 

A new Garden of the Righteous

A Garden in Warsaw

5 June 2014, inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous of Warsaw, set up following the example of the Garden at Monte Stella Hill in Milan. The choice of the date is not by chance: in fact it was decided to inaugurate the Garden the day after the 25th anniversary of the first semi-free elections in Poland, on 4 June 1989, who would lead to the fall of communism. In his speech, Barack Obama remembered the Righteous Among the Nation - quoting Jan Karski - and the heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto, creating an ideal bridge between these dates.

the analysis

Remembering Moshe Bejski

editorial by Marc-Henri Fermont, relative of Moshe Bejski, 4 June 2014

I am deeply moved today as I always am when I participate in ceremonies at the Garden of the Righteous in Milan, but participating at this inauguration here in Warsaw, on the square of the Ghetto, is even more moving for me. Warsaw carries a significant resonance for all of us. It was the capital of the heroic Resistance during WW2 for the Jews and the Poles in their hopeless battles against Nazism. I am speaking as a relative of Dr Moshe Bejski, the Israeli Supreme Court Judge and President of the Righteous Commission from 1970 to 1995, who was also one of the initiators of the Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem.

The interview

Celebrate personal responsibility

Seizing the occasion of the inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw on 5 June 2014, we discussed the creation and importance of this project with Piotr Jakubowski, director of the House of History Meetings in Warsaw.

The messages

Leave a memorial for the new generations

5 June 2014, inauguration of the Garden of the Righteous in Warsaw. Several messages have been sent to Zbigniew Gluza, President of the Committee for the Garden of the Righteous of Warsaw.

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